A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum - Cast

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  Cast Of Characters
Pseudolus - Travis Dixon
Hero - Zach Kaufer
Philia - Kristin Towers-Rowles
Hysterium - Frank Weidner
Domina - Gail Wirth
Senex - Bradley Kesden
Marcus Lycus - Nathaniel Mathis
Miles Gloriosus - Luis Ordaz
Erronius - Richard Little
Tintinabula - Melanie Ball
Panacea - Nicole Thordsen
Vibrata - Brittany Hooper
The Geminae - Robin Jones/Becky Jones (ACTUAL TWINS!)
Gymnasia - Erin Beck
Production Staff
Directed by Scott Martin
Choreography by Allison Mattiza
Music Direction by Brian Murphy
Director's Notes




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